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Growing Canada’s ICT Sector


CENGN Summit is the nation’s leading conference devoted to promoting the commercial growth and adoption of disruptive networking technologies across Canada. Facilitating development of the tech communications sector will not only benefit the traditional telecom sector, but all businesses and sectors that are growing increasingly dependent on networking advancements to optimize their processes.

CENGN Summit is the conference for tech professionals and businesses to learn which technologies are set to revolutionize the industry.  Learn how business, government, academia, and NPOs are working together to leverage next generation network technology and grow our innovation economy.


Michelle O’Brodovich, Corporate Communications Manager, EXFO
Congrats on a great summit. Very well run and great conversations. Next time I will bring 250 business cards, instead of the 150 – which were all gone by 2!
Michelle O’Brodovich
Corporate Communications Manager, EXFO
Michelle O’Brodovich, Corporate Communications Manager, EXFO
The CENGN summit was exceptional for bringing together visionaries from public, private, and academic sectors for a day chock full of presentations, workshops, and networking. It was especially valuable in providing insights to both established and emerging trends that are
transforming industry technologies, as well as impacting how we interact with the world.
Michael Anderson
Professor & Program Coordinator, Algonquin College
Michelle O’Brodovich, Corporate Communications Manager, EXFO
Excellent work on the Summit, I met a lot of valuable people personally and it seemed to flow perfectly
Liam Flanagan
Program Coordinator, Venture Development
Michelle O’Brodovich, Corporate Communications Manager, EXFO
CENGN is providing a common table for people of like-minded capabilities to come and communicate openly, it’s almost like the physical manifestation of open source software.
John Kadianos
CEO, Breqwatr
Michelle O’Brodovich, Corporate Communications Manager, EXFO
All members of this organization should strive to create a more open ecosystem to drive innovation.
Tamer Shenouda
Director of Network Transformation, BELL
Michelle O’Brodovich, Corporate Communications Manager, EXFO
CENGN is a key R&D collaboration entity that allows a lot of the Canadian service providers and technology providers to work together to really look at specific problems in the industry and allow us to put together solutions that we feel will benefit not only Canadian enterprises and customers, but globally bring our footprint into the market.
Claudio Mazzuca
VP System & Analytics, EXFO
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