ORION is a not-for-profit organization supporting Ontario’s progress with essential digital infrastructure. Since 2001, we’ve facilitated new discoveries by connecting research and education institutions, regions, and people across the province, enabling collaboration, learning, forging partnerships, and providing our community with the digital tools and expertise they need to make the world a better place.

As a trusted partner in the research and education community, ORION takes a proactive role in enabling collaboration and progress. Thanks to our central role in connecting institutions and regions across the province, we’re in a unique position to advance the partnerships that empower our community to solve problems, cooperate on projects, and create value. We build relationships and host informative events, ensuring that we’re in tune with Ontario’s researchers, educators and innovators. Understanding their needs and desires allows us to effectively advocate on their behalf.

Our ability to organize services that can be shared by our community allows them to do more for less, accessing the vital digital tools they need. We offer a range of technology products and services including cybersecurity, which enhance our community’s power to educate, research, and enable progress or develop in the 21st century.

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